this Fortnite final shooting gallery is a range-based

So yes, this final shooting gallery is a range-based one, and you are probably going to want to bring something with a scope in order to get this done. Remember, you can do these in Playground mode, which should make getting the right weapon and heading over there easier. My six-shooter was not able to get the job done for me here:


Multiple targets will go up at a time and you’ll have to hit at least five of them total to complete the last stage of this challenge. A sniper might seem like the obvious pick here, but with how long reload time can be, I’m not so sure, and I think you really want a scoped AR more than anything. This may be tough for many players, myself included. And here I thought I was a pretty good shot! Shows what I know.

As a refresher, here are the guides for the other two parts of this challenge, which were a lot easier than this. Glad Epic finally did one that was actually difficult, and I would really recommend doing this one in playground if you can because trying to get it in during a normal game is probably going to be hell.

We have arrived at the final stage of the three part Fortnite shooting gallery challenge in week 10, and I am happy to report that Epic is finally turning up the heat a little bit. This challenge is definitely hard than the others, and the Paradise Palms shooting gallery may take a few tries, and the right weapon, to complete the last leg of this fortnite v bucks generator challenge.

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