most folks are focused on Battle Royale and not the other mode found in Fortnite

Nearly everywhere I look I see kids doing Fornite dances, ads for the game, people streaming the game and even Halloween costumes. But it also seems like most folks are focused on Battle Royale and not the other mode found in FortniteSave The World. Which I think is a shame. Save The World is really good and I think more people should play it.

The basic narrative setup of Save The World is that a giant supernatural storm has wiped out most life on Earth, leaving few human survivors and millions of deadly enemies called Husks. It is now up to players to help save these desperate survivors, destroy the Husks and end the storm.

Save The World spreads its narrative across a few different zones, each filled with missions, side quests and collectibles. A lot of missions in Save The World are about finding a spot on the map, building up around that spot and defending it from enemies for a period of time. But each map is randomly generated, making each mission feel different and helping the game feel less repetitive.

I was also surprised by the the writing which is often funny. The cast really helps too. The game features talented actors like Dave Fennoy (Lee in The Walking Dead), Ashley Burch (Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn) and Tom Scharpling (Greg Universe in the TV series Steven Universe).

The actual gameplay loop in the missions is strange and it took some time before I fully understood what was going on. When you start a mission, you and any friends you are playing with spawn into the randomly generated world. At this point you can locate your objective and start the mission immediately.

But this isn’t what you should actually do. Instead you’ll most likely spend 30 minutes or more exploring the map, collecting resources, completing smaller random events and killing enemies you encounter. And you’ll do this alone, as your friends will probably want to explore other parts of the map or will need different materials than you. So it’s a co-op game where you spend a good chunk of free vbucks no human verification mission not working together. Which is odd.

Once everyone is finished doing what they wanted to do, you’ll head towards the objective and start building together. Figuring out the best way to defend yourselves and working together to hold off hordes of dangerous monsters and zombies. And this part of the mission demands a lot of teamwork and communication.

Making sure everyone is on the same page and calling out boss enemies and other threats is key to surviving harder missions. Teams also need to use their different class abilities effectively, like the constructor who can strengthen buildings and heal walls.

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