incredible rise of Apex Legends has led some to believe that Fortnite may be dying out

But there’s a new contender in town. Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment has quickly taken off since making its debut earlier this month. It attracted 25 million downloads in just one week, making it much more popular than Fortnite at launch.

But should Epic Games be worried? Probably not … yet.

Fortnite breaks more records

Epic confirmed this week that Fortnite broke two new records for concurrent player count this month. A whopping 10.7 million players showed up to enjoy an in-game Marshmello concert on February 2, making it the biggest Fortnite event so far.



On Saturday, February 16, when cracks started appearing on the Battle Royale map ahead of season eight, Fortnite enjoyed its best “non-event day” yet, with 7.6 million concurrent players.

This time last year, the record sat at 3.4 million concurrent players. The day it reached that figure, Epic’s servers got slammed so hard that players experienced major service disruptions. Those servers has obviously been upgraded to support more players now.

Fortnite still going strong

Epic has taken a number of steps to avoid losing too many players to Apex Legends. A big updatelast week addressed a number of the biggest complaints players had with the game, while season eight, which kicks off early next month, is likely to fix even more.

For now, then, fortnite v bucks generator isn’t going anywhere. It remains the biggest battle royale game, and it’s likely to hold onto that crown for some time.

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