Fortnite’s latest mysteries is centered around a helicopter that players found in the map recently

Fortnite’s latest mysteries is centered around a helicopter that players found in the map recently, and while players can’t hop in it and use it like they would the Stormwing planes before they were vaulted, there are still some questions surrounding it. It’s purpose for being on the map is something that players still aren’t sure of, but even more curious is the fact that this helicopter appears to be moving around the map to visit different locations.

Players began sharing their accounts of the helicopter in Fortnite recently with screenshots and, more importantly, theories about what the vehicle is doing on the map. It’s been spotted close to Lazy Lagoon and now looks to be in the map’s desert area near the race track, according to players who’ve spotted it after its first move. Nobody’s seen the helicopter take off yet and move to a different spot on its own, though it’s clearly moved recently seeing how there only appears to be one helicopter instead of multiple that are populating the map.


There Is A Helicopter On The That Was Placed Near Lazy Lagoon But Has Recently Moved This Could Be A Vehicle Or Part Of The Fortnite Story

As some players have pointed out, this isn’t the first time that the helicopter has been spotted in Fortnite. Several seasons ago when a meteor crashes and research areas were set up inside Dusty Divot, and part of that setup was a helicopter. Because of this, some players have theorized that the helicopter that’s rotating around the map now might belong to the “government” that was researching the effects of the meteor and items like Hop Rocks.


It’s currently unknown what Epic v buck generator Games has planned for the helicopter, but it’s not the first type of inanimate object that’s moved around the map or adjusted itself before.

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