Fortnite’s 2018 Valentine’s Day, but 2019 is here and the game has taken a dark turn

Fortnite’s 2018 Valentine’s Day, but 2019 is here and the game has taken a dark turn. There are a ton of Valentine’s Day skins coming our way, but one of the most interesting has to be the Love Ranger’s counterpart, the Fallen Ranger: we remember that in Fortnite, evil usually translates to “sort of purple”. Such is the case with the Fallen Ranger, who is indeed the cherubic Love Ranger except sort of purple.



It’s slick, most certainly. The horns are a nice way to make it a little less like a complete re-skin. And while we’ve had plenty of back bling wings between last Valentine’s Day and now, this represents probably the best value for a more frugal player to grab a pair.

The Fallen Ranger is already live in the New Zealand PSN store, where we often see this sort of thing early due to the country’s advantageous position relative to the global dateline. It’s currently rolling Eastward and expected to hit the United States on February 15. There’s a twist, fortnite v bucks generator however: it’s totally different from any of the cosmetic packs we’ve seen before. It comes with its own set of daily challenges, and while it’s not the first skin to have challenges attached to it, it’s doing them in a very different way.

The Fallen Ranger will cost $20, which is pretty steep for a skin. The challenges that come with it, however, award free V-bucks for a total of 2000, which approximates that initial $20. It’s a refund, of a kind

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