Fortnite has brought with it perhaps the game’s most interesting vehicle to date

Fortnite has brought with it perhaps the game’s most interesting vehicle to date, and one that everyone is not constantly complaining about like we saw with planes in season 7. That would be the Baller, the new hamster ball-like vehicle that has players rolling around the map and suction-cupping themselves to surfaces almost identical to Overwatch’s hero, Wrecking Ball. As if Overwatch needs any more salt in its wounds recently.

This week, players are being asked to seek out Ballers specifically to use them in different matches. They can be a little hard to spot as you’ll often find them hiding inside buildings, and they’re really quite small as a one-man vehicle.

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So, where do you find a Baller for all these different matches you’re supposed to use them in? I was going to go about crafting a map, but @fortrisen has done the heavy lifting for me with a better map than I probably could have made on my own:

As you can see, there are roughly two dozen or so ballers on the map with clusters in the ice area and the northwest Sunny Steps area, with others scattered around. Sometimes you may have to look a bit for them once you get to these spots because again, sometimes they can be hiding, but with enough searching you should be able to locate one fairly easily.

One potential problem is that Epic v buck generator has reduced the spawns of ballers from 100% to 50%. That means that even if these locations can contain ballers, they are only going to spawn there half the time. That means you might have to spend a good amount of time going to different locations in each match to find one, as it’s only a coin flip’s chance that one will be there, even if it is a dedicated spawn point.



I really like the Baller because it’s not as combat focused as other vehicles nor can even it carry passengers. It’s about pure mobility and smacking into people, which is a blast. This challenge is a bit dull as I wish we were doing Baller time trials or obstacle courses or something, but there are actually now a few Baller-centric maps in Creative mode that Epic is featuring, and if you haven’t tried those out, they are a lot of fun. They will not count for this challenge, however, so you’re out of luck for easy Baller spawns by heading to creative mode. Or Playground, where they have 100% spawns, but it doesn’t count toward this challenge either.

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