Fortnite excavated for weeks excavations. Players believe in a loading screen to see what’s underneath one of the digs in Loot Lake.

On the map of Fortnite excavated for weeks excavations. Players believe in a loading screen to see what’s underneath one of the digs in Loot Lake. And the thing shines!

What’s new? Players will see a hint in the week 7 loading screen in fortnite v bucks generator Season 8. They believe that this will solve a great mystery.

Near Loot Lake there are locked metal doors in the floor . They were found when a stone excavation site was freed.

It is now believed that there is a pit of gold behind these doors. Or a bunker.

What does the loadingscreen look like? On the loading screen you can see the female character Luxe from Season 8. She lets herself down on a rope.

On the ground everything is full of gold: coins, a pitcher and a chest can be seen there.

Source: sxyton on Reddit

The loading screen is no secret this time, but was revealed today in the patch notes for the new update 8.30.

Is there a treasure under the Loot Lake?

The players believe: For some, it looks as though the hole in the ceiling the secret behind the closed doors near Lake loot. There is currently an excavation site.

On Reddit , user sxyton writes, “The Week 7 loading screen may reveal what’s under the metal doors at Loot Lake.” He receives approval for this assumption.

Here you can see the locked doors at Loot Lake

What do the players say?

  • “Maybe that’s why it’s called ‘Loot Lake’,” a player suggests, referring to the hidden loot there
  • “I believe Luxe pays actual people to open these archeological sites and receive gold.”

What else could hide behind the doors? Other players suspect that there is a bunker behind the doors. It is believed that the volcano erupts soon and you can hide in the bunker in front of the hot lava.

One player on Reddit noticed that an echo occurs when you shoot or hit the metal doors. That would speak for a large cavity underground. For players, further evidence that there is an underground bunker.

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