Fortnite: Battle Royale Update 8.01 Patch Notes

Epic Games has released another update that brings something that had been teased and fits in nicely with the season’s pirate theme. Patch 8.01 is out now, and its primary addition is the new Buried Treasure item. Here’s how that works and everything else that’s new in today’s update, including a vaulted item and new Limited-Time Mode–just don’t expect any respawns.

As detailed in the patch notes for update 8.01, the game now lets you track down treasure. Buried Treasure specifically refers to a Legendary-tier item that takes the form of a map; players use it to uncover loot hidden across the island. Players can only hold one map at a time and anyone who manages to find a chest will be rewarded with Legendary loot. Once you arrive at the target location, you’ll dig up the treasure with your pickaxe. These maps can be found from floor loot and chests.

Although Buried Treasure is the big new feature, there are some smaller additions, tweaks, and changes to the game too. Slide Duos has been introduced as the new Limited-Time Mode. This makes it so you essentially slide around everywhere–your run speed has been increased, but friction is “greatly lowered,” and there is no fall damage. Everyone else gets a Grappler with unlimited ammo to help them traverse this slippery world.

In terms of balance tweaks, the Infantry Rifle has a lower chance of appearing out of chests and being found on the floor, as does the Clinger. Bottle Rockets have been vaulted altogether, meaning you won’t encounter them in the game for the time being. Additionally, you can now slide down terrain without taking damage from an increased angle. Finally fortnite free v bucks generator, Epic is testing out a new type of tournament with the Gauntlet Solo and Gauntlet Duo Test Events. Check out the full patch notes for the Battle Royale below to see everything that’s new with this just-released update on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

What you won’t find in this update is a new respawn system, as has been rumored recently. A new type of vehicle discovered in the game sparked speculation that Epic plans to introduce an Apex Legends-style respawn system, where teammates would be capable of bringing a deceased player back into the game. That might still be on the way, but it’s not a part of this update. Fortunately, if you’re desperate for Apex Legends features in Fortnite, the game does now have a ping system as of the Season 8 update.

The launch of Season 8 means there’s a new Battle Pass to get now. This gives players a chance to unlock a number of new skins and other cosmetics. There are already fresh challenges to complete as well. You can find tips for those in our complete Season 8 challenges guide.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Update 8.01 Patch Notes


  • Increased the angle at which you can slide down terrain without taking damage from 65 degrees to 75 degrees.

Limited Time Mode: Slide Duos


Ice blocks on everyone’s feet, infinite ammo Grapplers in everyone’s inventory – a recipe for a slippery good time!

Mode Details

  • Friction greatly lowered.
  • Max run speed greatly raised.
  • Falling damage removed.
  • Infinite ammo Grapplers added to everyone’s inventory.

Weapons + Items

  • Buried Treasure
    • It’s a map that is used to track down buried chests on the map.
      • Chests contain a trove of legendary loot.
      • X marks the spot! The chest must be dug up using a pickaxe.
    • There is a limit of one map held at a time.

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