Epic is worth an estimated $15 billion; it’s the steward of Fortnite

The editor was a fantastic surprise for burgeoning video game developers outside (and probably inside) of Sweeney’s parents’ house, where he’d just laid the foundation of a company that would become Epic Games. Nearly 30 years later and Epic is worth an estimated $15 billion; it’s the steward of Fortnite, a generation-defining game, and Unreal, one of the most widely used engines in existence. Plus, it recently launched the Epic Games Store, a digital marketplace finally capable of knocking Steam’s crown askew.


“It was in those early days that Epic’s kind of core philosophy was set,” Sweeney said. “free v bucks generator We both build games ourselves and we share all the results of our work with the world to build their own games. We’re the both a game developer and a service company that works with partners throughout the whole industry. Everything we’re doing now is this much larger version of that.”

Much larger. Fortnite alone has nearly 250 million registered players, with 10.8 million concurrents, Epic announced today. That’s up from 200 million players in December.

“It’s the first shooter with a huge female population.”

“It’s a real game,” Sweeney said. “It’s a shooter. It’s worldwide. It’s the first shooter with a huge female population. Somebody estimated it at roughly 35 percent, which is unprecedented — why isn’t it 50? — but it’s unprecedented for anything like this. It’s because it brings together players in a social experience.”

Fortnite didn’t start out as a 100-player experiment in base-building, survival and online social skills, but Epic was quick to adapt when it seemed like the title was going to flop shortly after launch in 2017. Just months after going live in Early Access, Epic dropped the game’s price to zero, inserted microtransactions, and called it Fortnite Battle Royale. The rest is our current reality.


Epic learned a lot in support of Fortnite, and free v bucks generator it today launched a tool to disseminate that knowledge among other developers. Epic Online Services is a platform- and engine-agnostic SDK that supports large-scale matchmaking, voice communications, cloud storage, sentiment analysis, game analytics and a ticketing system, and it’s available now.

Fortnite is a microcosm of Epic’s overall business strategy. Sweeney and CTO Kim Libreri have an eye on the future and they’ve made sure the company remains agile enough to respond to shifting trends. Epic was one of the first major companies to jump on the “games as a service” train; in 2012, Chinese tech giant Tencent acquired 40 percent of the business for $330 million, and in return, Epic received support and insight into the subscription-focused, constantly connected ecosystem that would soon power the video game industry.

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