13 Overtime challenges and you’ll have yourself a free battle pass for Season 8

If you’re new here, a supply drop is a blue crate that drops out of the sky attached to a yellow balloon: you can see one in the header image. They’re marked by a blue flare on the ground where they’re going to land, so if you see that flare just look up and the supply drop should be overhead. When they hit the ground you can open them up for all sorts of higher-tier goodies as well as a nice infusion of ammo and building materials.

Supply Drops always come down inside the circle, so it’s better to search near the center of the playable area if you want to grab one. They come down pretty slow, but you can shoot the balloon to accelerate the drop–Just take note that other players might here you doing this. A lot of people will make a little fort around its landing area to slow down any would-be competition, friend or foe. It can be a bit tense if you’re waiting for one of these to drop in normal modes, so just be on your guard free v bucks hack.

If you want to have an easier time with this, you’ll do the thing that you do for most challenges and head on over to Team Rumble, which should make this a cinch. Team Rumble rains down supply drops, and they’re not always quite as contested as they are in normal modes. Just note that you have to go to the circle to get them, even right from the beginning of the match. And this is probably the best time to get them, anyway: the circle is usually relatively depopulated in the first few minutes of the match, and you should be able to grab the drop you need.

And that should do it for you: complete 13 Overtime challenges and you’ll have yourself a free battle pass for Season 8. Challenges this simple will just take a bit of play, so there’s really no reason not to do it.

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